Gathering my Creativity

So my dear editor gave me a much-needed pep talk this week, helping me to decide one of the most basic elements of my story;  Who is my Main Character?!

When a writer can’t even decide THAT, she’s i a deep deep rut. I was advised, “Choose the character you relate to the most. That’s your main character.”

Well, the young single mother in the story was grappling for MC status, but not being a young single mother, I didn’t feel I could do justice to her point of view. So I go back to my ORIGINAL main character, the eccentric, elderly quilter, Agnes Harper.

Now, I may not be a widowed octogenarian, but I have created a few quilts in my day and I can admit to a few eccentricities of my own and my arthritic knees feel like they BELONG to an octogenarian, so Agnes wins out.

And then there’s  the pestering element of magick. Not “pull a rabbit of your hat”  magic, but magick, practiced by those who follow the phases of the Moon and understand the correspondences of herbs, stones and oils.

Yes, I’ll say it–WITCHCRAFT!

And NO, Agnes  she is not a cauldron-stirring Wyrd sister. She’s more like a  nosy wisewoman who means well, and wants to improve the lives of her neighbors.  She may not even be aware that she is affecting the lives of others as she improves the lives of others.  Oh, Glorious Muses! Thank you for returning to me!

So I have a few more days before January 1st, so I will spend that time gathering my resouces and getting on to business. 2018, you’re gonna be PRODUCTIVE!!!!!

Out with the Old and all that



On this shortest day of 2017, I still languidly putter about the house, preparing a meal or spinning wool about the most productive accomplishment I achieve lately. I am really hoping my vigor returns in the New Year and I am all productive and creative!

The Muses have been quietly throwing me little tidbits of inspiration but they’ve sure been stingy. Much as I hate making dreaded New Years Resolutions, I really need to get more disciplined with my writing. SO….on that note, I am going to take the advice of multiple friends and EVERY DAY (starting Jan 1, so as to give myself several days to think of topics) or at least NEARLY ever day, I want to blog.

Blogging frequently wasn’t exactly the advice I was given. At least 2 creative friends have suggested I write 3 pages a day; a technique whose name escapes me. Even if it’s , “I don’t know what to write about” repeated over and over again. Well, that would make for excruciatingly boring blog posts, So I AM going to try to compose entries that hopefully appeal to others out there. I’m not sure how I’ll determine 3 pages worth on here so I may set a timer and see how many words I can crank out in that designated block of time.

One thing to give up for 2018 is my all-or-nothing- thinking;  on Jan 1, I will instantly become more productive and creative! What I need to realize is that change –lasting change–most often comes GRADUALLY. And if  I DON’T blog every day for my full designated time, I have not missed the target altogether.

To those who read this, I hope 2017 ends peacefully for you and yours, and may 2018 be good to you!




A New Blog for a New Year

Hopefully by the time 2018 is underway I will have figured out how to use WordPress! Since Book #4 is not in The Puritan Chronicles Trilogy, I thought I’d start a new general blog. Wish me luck!

I realize, especially with Dave being retired since October 1st, I need to learn to manage my time WAY better. Once upon a time, I had my mornings to myself PLUS the entire afternoons and evenings to write or at least try to organize my plot lines and develop characters. Dave is still a night owl and doesn’t usually get up until 11am, so mornings are still mine to be creative.

But there are so many darn distractions online. Email, Facebook, friends who want to chat—and I have never in my almost-53 years been known for my discipline.  So for 2018, I will at least give self-discipline a good try. Break free of the lazy routine and get serious about this 4th book! Because, let me tell you, these characters are just SO cool! I am just getting to know them but they are going to make for a real nice book someday.

If you have been following my previous blog, you know I have had the best luck developing a menagerie of furry (and feathered) characters. Why can’t HUMAN characters be that simple?

I am not even sure when I will post this (today is Dec. 7), but once I get a handle on WordPress I think I will be blogging on here quite often!