Out with the Old and all that



On this shortest day of 2017, I still languidly putter about the house, preparing a meal or spinning wool about the most productive accomplishment I achieve lately. I am really hoping my vigor returns in the New Year and I am all productive and creative!

The Muses have been quietly throwing me little tidbits of inspiration but they’ve sure been stingy. Much as I hate making dreaded New Years Resolutions, I really need to get more disciplined with my writing. SO….on that note, I am going to take the advice of multiple friends and EVERY DAY (starting Jan 1, so as to give myself several days to think of topics) or at least NEARLY ever day, I want to blog.

Blogging frequently wasn’t exactly the advice I was given. At least 2 creative friends have suggested I write 3 pages a day; a technique whose name escapes me. Even if it’s , “I don’t know what to write about” repeated over and over again. Well, that would make for excruciatingly boring blog posts, So I AM going to try to compose entries that hopefully appeal to others out there. I’m not sure how I’ll determine 3 pages worth on here so I may set a timer and see how many words I can crank out in that designated block of time.

One thing to give up for 2018 is my all-or-nothing- thinking;  on Jan 1, I will instantly become more productive and creative! What I need to realize is that change –lasting change–most often comes GRADUALLY. And if  I DON’T blog every day for my full designated time, I have not missed the target altogether.

To those who read this, I hope 2017 ends peacefully for you and yours, and may 2018 be good to you!




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