Who is Agnes Harper, anyway?

–and what does she WANT?

So she’s an eccentric octogenarian with her own sense of style, a kleptomaniac tabby and a foul-mouthed gray parrot. She lives in an ugly little stucco house affectionately called The Peanut House.  A widow, she spends her time embellishing a crazy quilt with objects her cat brings to her. This much has been established.

But she needs a crisis. A conflict. In other words, the story’s antagonist. Short-term goal=? Long-term goal =? Currently considering a rash of crime hitting her small town. How is Agnes affected? What does she do? And what is her temperament? A timid, reclusive Main Character wouldn’t be as fun to create as someone with some spark to her. Nosy, insistent, persistent. One of Berryville’s more colorful residents. Persnickety.  Treats her eczema with THC oil. Despite her advanced age, I want her independent and feisty. And yet, she is a vulnerable, lonely widow who confides her concerns to the framed photo of her late husband Ned. This too has been established.

Going with the crime spree theme, does our Agnes cower in fear or defends herself, perhaps with a handgun? I’m thinking the handgun–probably once belonging to Ned–would be the way to go.

Keeping the story  light and humorous was also in the original scheme of things. Would a reader find an eighty-something woman adept at handling a gun funny? Nobody will get killed.  They might get hurt, but they won’t get killed. Agnes might have to hold her own against a pack of young toughs.

So these are my plot musings for this morning. I don’t want her frail and weak. Agnes is going to be a tough old bird I want my reader to fall in love with.






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