The reason prologues are written AFTER

A handful of my faithful Beta readers enjoyed a prologue I wrote (and have since discarded) rather early into this new book’s venture. I would like to work it back into the story, but this morning it occurred to me it would be a good idea to write the prologue AFTER I’ve written the rest of the story, because important elements are introduced in the prologue.

And I, being the impetuous leap-before-you-look kind of writer that I am, often write myself into a metaphorical corner. I write these great scenes, then hit a wall and ask myself, “And then what?!”

So needless to say I’m unable to actually work on the manuscript every day like I was hoping to do for 2018. But that was a lofty goal anyway. If I’m not actually writing, I’m at least blogging or plotting. And that is going to have to count toward my goal of writing (as yet untitled) Book #4. And in case these colorful characters demand more exposure after the completion of Book #4, I’m tentatively considering a new series featuring the citizens of Berryville, USA, the all-American small town with quirky, fun characters (and not all of them human!)

So while we have been holed up in our house during this recent cold snap, I have been plotting and scribbling out notes. Brainstorming. Seeing what the Muses might reveal to me.  And all the while, I am enjoying the process!

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