My theme for 2018



This morning while journaling in my bullet journal,  I realized (not for the first time) how cramped and restrictive (not to mention atrocious) my handwriting is. And it occurred to me that since the year is still relatively new, I should do what a lot of bullet journalists like to do and claim a word as their theme for the year. So in 2018, I am embracing the word EXPAND.

As in EXPAND my knowledge, courage, creativity, curiosity, compassion and acceptance.

KNOWLEDGE—have always loved to learn new things! Might learn a whole new craft this year 🙂

COURAGE—to conquer a fear that’s plagued me for the past 52 years

CREATIVITY—to get out of my comfort zone and really explore what I can do with these characters of mine!

CURIOSITY—to learn the WHY? of something I have never known

COMPASSION–I want to GIVE MORE. I think once a month I’ll donate a little something to the Humane Society, which is just down the road from us.

ACCEPTANCE–especially of myself. Happy to say, in the past few years, I have made GREAT strides with this one!

So anyway, for the first time, I have a THEME to my year!

Just thought I’d share. 🙂




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