Population BOOM both in fiction and in real life!

First let me say, for those who don’t know, I am the youngest of 7, an aunt to 17 and a GREAT-AUNT to 24! (as of yesterday one of my nieces gave birth to the first set of TRIPLETS in the family!) And by June, the total will be 25!).

Coincidentally, although I haven’t been actively writing, my fictional town of Berryville is becoming populated with still more colorful characters! Emerging from my imagination now are the members of Agnes Harper’s little quilting circle, and not a boring one in the bunch!

Rita smokes like a stack. Genevieve is a bandana-wearing sixty-something former hippie. Madeleine fancies herself as an above-board proper lady, but can’t resist good gossip.  Carla wears a wig she swears is black but is actually dark purple. And June speaks loud enough she can be heard over an approaching freight train.

Fun characters who will be fun to create and get to know!

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