It Happened One Night

Or rather, in my case, one morning.

The Muses, with their unpredictable sense of humor, decided (as-yet-untitled) Book #4 would be a screwball comedy.

My original intent was to write something light-hearted, given the somber drama prevalent in The Puritan Chronicles Trilogy. 

So, ok. Along comes Agnes Harper with all her eccentricities. She lives in Berryville, USA, a typical Midwestern town. Eccentric but lovable octogenarian who can wield a quilting needle like nobody’s business.

And then slowly but surely the population of Berryville emerges, and almost EVERYBODY is odd in their own ways. In fact, so far, the only straight man in the whole little fictional town is Lieutenant Bill Drinski of the Berryville Police Department.

Poor Lieutenant Drinski. Everyone in Berryville is either paranoid, eccentric, or acting suspiciously. Even his rookie K-9 partner, Kaiser, has behavioral issues. And when he discovers who the perpetrators of a recent rash of burglaries is, he is ready to retire!

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