Dangle a Gold Medal in front of the Muses and see what happens!

The Muses are chattering once again since Raid On Cochecho  won its first award last week.  Musta been just the incentive for the stubborn little buggers to pull out of their winter slump.

So this month I’ve been happily writing. I had been struggling with CONFLICT and CRISIS which are necessary for a good story), and I’ve got the beginnings to a fun little novel, I like to think!


This early in the game, the manuscript is not even embryonic, but formulating like a gaseous cloud, swirling and indecisive as to where it wants to flow.  Being the author, it’s my job to wrangle this amorphic critter into something tangible and enticing for my readers. I was born for this mission!

One issue I have with my writing style is, I get impatient with my own work. I suffer from a decidedly short attention span and it shows in my writing. I struggle to slow down and relax with my storytelling. So as I write Book #4, I try to keep in mind my theme for 2018–EXPAND.  As in Expand the scene. Don’t rush. Let the story develop.

So here I’ve been sitting,  candle lit, tiara perched on my head, listening to subliminal creativity meditations, and voila!– sentence by sentence, page by page, scene by scene, Book #4 is emerging!





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