Where did that 2nd space go?

Having just returned from a meeting of the Western Maryland Writers Meet-Up Group, my head is throbbing. This afternoon’s topic was formatting. 

The assembled authors looked surprised when I didn’t know formatting.

Our group leader Sharon did a helpful presentation on that very subject but I didn’t even know what to make notes on. She had handouts which I intend to study (she’s good like that). When did we stop leaving 2 spaces after a period at the end of a sentence? That’s what I was taught in typing class. Back during the Carter administration.

Now, there is only 1 space after a period at the end of a sentence.


And apparently I’m not supposed to indent with my tab key. I have to set the tab in my Word program. And there’s these things called Headers (not to be confused with Headings) and Footers (but no mention of Footings?).

After I have written a scene, I need to replace ^p (Paragraph Marks) with ^l (Manual Line Breaks). I don’t really understand why, but it’s something one of my editors told me when I was working on Puritan Witch.

Again, I ask you, WHY?

Makes me ever so glad for my kindly editor, although I don’t think she realizes just how ignorant I am of formatting. 

I wish computers didn’t intimidate me so much. When I was in school, computers were considered geeky. Now they are everywhere, the size of a deck of playing cards or smaller.

So now I’m in the comforting setting of my own home in my jammies with my glass o’ wine, reminding myself that 2018’s theme is EXPAND.

So I gotta expand my knowledge of formatting– Set that default tab (if only I could remember what Sharon said to set it at) and remember a period, in the 21st century, is followed by only 1 space, because 2 spaces went the way of the CB radio and the 8-track tape–left in the 20th century.

Makes me wonder, as I often do, where technology will take us at the end of THIS century.  But I do know one thing for certain ; I need to take a class on formatting.

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