Bio of the Stitchin’ Six #1

I came to my first scene where Agnes’s quilting group, The Stitchin’ Six, have assembled. They are all quite colorful ladies, and before I can write this scene I have to flesh them out a little more so I thought I’d brainstorm and introduce them individually here, starting with Rita.

Rita is the day cook at Finnegan’s Diner. Short and rotund with a voice like sandpaper due to her heavy smoking, she is an excellent cook and keeps her kitchen spotless despite her personal slovenliness. No need to ask Rita her opinion–she will offer it readily,  and not without profanities. Her thinning brown hair lies limp and flat against her scalp and her crooked teeth are tobacco-stained.  She is sixty years old and has been married four times, resulting in three grown sons with whom she keeps in contact via email.

During their quilting sessions as The Six gather around the crazy quilt in its frame at Agnes’s house, Rita takes her seat at one corner closest to a end table where an ashtray is provided for her. She reeks of smoke, fried food and body odor, but so Agnes is careful to seat her next to an open window. Her culinary skills are equaled by her quilting abilities, which is her saving grace. Her offensive aroma competes with Agnes’s overuse of Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew to the point that the combination forms an almost visible haze over the seated quilters.



One thought on “Bio of the Stitchin’ Six #1

  1. I love reading your work . Get the girl out of the tub she is going to a prune if you keep her in there any longer! Than I get more to read. Lol. Brenda


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