Bio of The Stitchin’ Six #2: Genevieve

The next of The Six to emerge is Genevieve, the bandana-sporting, tie-dye wearing aging hippie. I came across her via combining the physical attributes of one friend with the enigmatic name of another.

Genevieve is the most mellow of The Six. Sixty-something (Age is irrelevant to Genevieve), her dusky brown eyes appear half-closed most of the time beneath the lavender-colored bandana she always ties around her head.  She smells of patchouli oil and (possibly) burnt sage. She’s into herbs and alternative healing methods.  If you’re familiar with Susun Weed, picture her and you have Genevieve (rhyming not intentional, I swear!).

Adept at quilting (or she wouldn’t be among The Six), Genevieve adds a touch of whimsy to her stitches. She has a penchant for fairies and Tree of Life images. Never married, no kids, she has always been a peace activist.

There appears to be a marijuana  problem in small-town Berryville, and predictably Genevieve is a main suspect.  Wise yet spacey at the same time, Genevieve will add her own amusing flare to the story!


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