Bio of The Stitchin’ Six #3: Darla

Darla is mentioned briefly in a scene before the first quilting scene (was a toss-up between Carla and Darla, and chose to go with Darla by the way, since there is already a Cara). She is the housekeeper of antagonist Helen-Ophelia Barstow, the heartless, self-indulgent owner of half the town of Berryville.

Darla is in her sixties and wears a curly black wig, but in the right light it is clearly a deep purple.  She enjoys dishing on her employer to The Six and isn’t above enhancing the facts from time to time.  Her heavy eye makeup only makes her small brown eyes look smaller and she suffers from an unfortunate case of chronic halitosis. Due to the latter, she is placed at one of the ends of the quilting frame and often offered breath mints.

When she is not gossiping about her employer, she gushes about her seven grandchildren. Like our main character, Agnes, Darla is widowed and has her eye on Agnes’s widower neighbor, Harvey Dilwood. Unfortunately for her, Harvey is not the least bit interested, but that won’t deter Darla’s glaringly obvious flirtations!

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