Bio of The Stitchin’ Six #4 Madeleine

Next among the Stitchin’ Six is Madeleine. A former fattie with a sense of humor, she pedals her adult-sized tricycle all over Berryville. After having lost 150 lbs following gastric bypass surgery,  71-year-old Madeleine is left with flaps of skin  hanging all over her body. But, as mentioned earlier, she has a sense of humor, and so on the loose flabby skin beneath each arm she has had her grandson tattoo clotheslines on each arm so that when her “Bingo wings” flutter, so can the clothes on the line!

Bit by the fitness bug, it’s all she can do not to harass Rita about her smoking and her weight. Really, it’s out of the most sincerest of intentions, but she has learned to hold her tongue for the sake of her and Rita’s friendship.

Madeleine intends to get plastic surgery, but until then, her boobs droop like deflated balloons above folds of stretch-mark scarred skin she hides beneath loose-fitting blouses. Small bright eyes twinkle from a face that resembles that of a Shar Pei puppy, with floppy jowls and a quivering dewlap under her chin.   Her laugh is contagious and she’s the most upbeat of The Six, feeling she has received a new lease on life.

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