Aging sucks….or not


In just a few short days I will turn 53. I remember thinking 20 sounded grown-up!

Exactly 2 weeks into my 54th year I get my total knee replacement. For some time now I have been hobbling around with a cane (and sometimes a walker) like an old crone.

But wait a minute– I am a Crone!

The accompanying photo was taken on my 4th birthday– April 3, 1969. Mom had me hide my arms because I had broken out in a rash and she had to put some purple medicine on them. If I remember correctly, Uncle Lyle Stewart brought us a house cat, but she must have had some flea spray or something on her because that’s what caused my arms to break out. I have never been allergic to cats before or since.

But again, I digress.

If I think about my upcoming operation too much, I get anxious. But then again, like I always say, “Attitude is Everything.”

Now, I can’t say I look forward to this birthday with the exuberant anticipation I evidently did when I turned 4, but I embrace the challenges aging brings with positivity and acceptance.

I have known what it is to be young. I have sat on the floor cross-legged and sprung to my feet in one fluid motion.  I have been able to kneel in my flowerbed without pain. I have even sat in a lotus position. Obviously I can’t do any of that anymore, but that’s ok. Now I get to experience a whole new phase of life.  I’m finally learning the mature-woman art of accessorizing with scarves. And that’s fun!

Part of me still looks at a craggy chunk of exposed limestone and think, that would make a great mountain for Barbie dolls to climb, so I guess my Inner Child is still alive and  well somewhere!

Bring on my birthday! Bring on the beginning of my 54th year! I embrace it with courageous gladness!

Aging sucks. But only if you let it.


Is It Just Me? The Ages of Mankind


Nothing gets me motivated to blog more than watching the depressing news of the day. Always war and conflict and death and dying everywhere, and it makes it hard to remain positive being bombarded with reminders that threats are just outside our front door. And if it isn’t a terrorist, a crazed gunman determined to snag a high body count (and those 2 seem synonymous to me, but I digress), or our infrastructure collapsing upon us, it’s some new superbug rampaging through humanity like the Grim Reaper himself.

Needless to say, I get very hopeless when I consider my own species most of the time.

I remember learning about the “Ages of Mankind”; Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc, and how they were named after our “advancement in weaponry.”  Now, being a peace-loving pacifist who despises weapons and war and conflict of any kind, I wondered, why not name the ages by OTHER innovations, like The Wheel Age, The Plow Age, The Electric Age? Granted, there is the Renaissance and the Enlightened Age, I’ll give the historians that much. But instead of the Nuclear Age, the 21st Century could be known as The Communication Age. Or how about The Peace Age? The Age of Cures?

Wouldn’t that be neat?

Does anyone else wonder about this sort of thing, or is just me?

Bio of the Stitchin’ Six #5: June

After lots of great suggestions and much consideration, I’ve decided June is going to be a compilation of a lot of things, and thus not the totally minor character I first intended her to be. Looks like we may have another series on our hands, readers!

June was going to be this quiet, unassuming minor character quietly quilting while the others argue and gossip, but then I put out a call for help with her and I got some great suggestions!

June is 76 years old. Her ears stick out slightly from her head, which is topped by a short-cropped pixie cut. She wears no make-up and dresses rather conservatively because she is, after all, a fundamentalist Christian. She can quote Bible verses better than her minister and is very active in charitable work. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but June is a hoarder who has kept everything from her first grade report card to her late husband’s broken Timex.  She’s afraid her beloved Brother sewing machine will get buried in the accumulation of “stuff” in her house, so she keeps it in the trunk of her car.

And June has a secret.

At least, she thinks it’s a secret, but the rest of the Six are aware–

June is a closeted lesbian.

She comes across as being quiet and unassuming, but it’s because inside she is battling this self-denial while trying to come to terms with who she really is.  She speaks of a friend, Virgie, who everyone (but the Six) assume is a gentleman friend whose full name is Virgil. when in reality is her girlfriend, Virginia, who lives in the neighboring town of Springfield.  The Six accept June as one of their own, and one of these days maybe June will take center stage in a novel all by herself!


I need help with Bio of The Stitchin’ Six #5: June

The 6th member of The Stitchin’ Six is proving to be the hardest to place. We have the eccentric Agnes, (our main character), the slovenly chain-smoking Rita, the aging flower child Genevieve,  the gossipy wig-wearing Darla and the boisterous former fatty Madeleine. So what does that leave for June?

I have considered sweet and sensitive, the character who will cry at the slightest provocation. I have considered quiet and unassuming, since she is only a supporting character, but that wouldn’t be very fun.  I also pictured her as a know-it-all, but was afraid that would be too irritating.

So I am at a loss here and thought I’d give a shout-out to anyone out there for some inspiration. What sort of character should June be to round out The Stitchin’ Six?

I anxiously await any feedback!