I need help with Bio of The Stitchin’ Six #5: June

The 6th member of The Stitchin’ Six is proving to be the hardest to place. We have the eccentric Agnes, (our main character), the slovenly chain-smoking Rita, the aging flower child Genevieve,  the gossipy wig-wearing Darla and the boisterous former fatty Madeleine. So what does that leave for June?

I have considered sweet and sensitive, the character who will cry at the slightest provocation. I have considered quiet and unassuming, since she is only a supporting character, but that wouldn’t be very fun.  I also pictured her as a know-it-all, but was afraid that would be too irritating.

So I am at a loss here and thought I’d give a shout-out to anyone out there for some inspiration. What sort of character should June be to round out The Stitchin’ Six?

I anxiously await any feedback!


5 thoughts on “I need help with Bio of The Stitchin’ Six #5: June

  1. You could always portray her as one of our favorite types of people: one who calls herself a Christian, but is judgmental and scornful. When I wrote the character of Mrs Hughes in Shaman, I had someone specific in mind, informing the character… It would be a fun character to write.

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  2. My thought would write June as a widow from a large city who thinks maybe moving here was a mistake, but she needs the social contact of the group. A little judgemental, definitely missing “culture and the arts”


  3. Health nut with recipes for juicing. Exercising daily. Running a 3 or 5 k. Friendly, helpful one who enters all the quilt shows. Takes classes. A hoarder of fabric. Keeps a sewing machine in her car.


  4. Peni, how about the square peg on a round hole for her character? She could be the gal that doesn’t feel she truly fits in with the other Stilton six but definitely wants to be one of them. Could be not as skilled as the others and with interests that don’t mesh as well with the rest of them. I’m sure you’ve had lots of comments by now.,………

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