Is It Just Me? The Ages of Mankind


Nothing gets me motivated to blog more than watching the depressing news of the day. Always war and conflict and death and dying everywhere, and it makes it hard to remain positive being bombarded with reminders that threats are just outside our front door. And if it isn’t a terrorist, a crazed gunman determined to snag a high body count (and those 2 seem synonymous to me, but I digress), or our infrastructure collapsing upon us, it’s some new superbug rampaging through humanity like the Grim Reaper himself.

Needless to say, I get very hopeless when I consider my own species most of the time.

I remember learning about the “Ages of Mankind”; Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc, and how they were named after our “advancement in weaponry.”  Now, being a peace-loving pacifist who despises weapons and war and conflict of any kind, I wondered, why not name the ages by OTHER innovations, like The Wheel Age, The Plow Age, The Electric Age? Granted, there is the Renaissance and the Enlightened Age, I’ll give the historians that much. But instead of the Nuclear Age, the 21st Century could be known as The Communication Age. Or how about The Peace Age? The Age of Cures?

Wouldn’t that be neat?

Does anyone else wonder about this sort of thing, or is just me?

One thought on “Is It Just Me? The Ages of Mankind

  1. Actually, I was not aware that the Stone, Bronze, and Iron ages were named for “advancement in weaponry,” but I’m not surprised by that. The human species has always been one that’s drawn to war. Conflict among humans is inevitable. War and killing is not. The trick is to learn to resolve conflict peacefully. Negotiate. Compromise. But that isn’t as exciting as pulling out your big tanks and big guns.

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