Aging sucks….or not


In just a few short days I will turn 53. I remember thinking 20 sounded grown-up!

Exactly 2 weeks into my 54th year I get my total knee replacement. For some time now I have been hobbling around with a cane (and sometimes a walker) like an old crone.

But wait a minute– I am a Crone!

The accompanying photo was taken on my 4th birthday– April 3, 1969. Mom had me hide my arms because I had broken out in a rash and she had to put some purple medicine on them. If I remember correctly, Uncle Lyle Stewart brought us a house cat, but she must have had some flea spray or something on her because that’s what caused my arms to break out. I have never been allergic to cats before or since.

But again, I digress.

If I think about my upcoming operation too much, I get anxious. But then again, like I always say, “Attitude is Everything.”

Now, I can’t say I look forward to this birthday with the exuberant anticipation I evidently did when I turned 4, but I embrace the challenges aging brings with positivity and acceptance.

I have known what it is to be young. I have sat on the floor cross-legged and sprung to my feet in one fluid motion.  I have been able to kneel in my flowerbed without pain. I have even sat in a lotus position. Obviously I can’t do any of that anymore, but that’s ok. Now I get to experience a whole new phase of life.  I’m finally learning the mature-woman art of accessorizing with scarves. And that’s fun!

Part of me still looks at a craggy chunk of exposed limestone and think, that would make a great mountain for Barbie dolls to climb, so I guess my Inner Child is still alive and  well somewhere!

Bring on my birthday! Bring on the beginning of my 54th year! I embrace it with courageous gladness!

Aging sucks. But only if you let it.


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