A new phase in life and a dangling carrot

pexels-photo-904616.jpegDave and I have clearly entered a new phase in our lives. Since last October, he has retired and my biological clock has ticked its last seconds. He has grown a very attractive gray beard and within days I will have a new knee. Somehow I got the bum end of that deal!

So I think I can safely say my Crone stage has begun. And once I am back on my feet, I’m going to celebrate this new rite of passage with my EIGHTH tattoo!

And although I haven’t been productively writing, I have been considering offering an incentive program for anyone who would be willing to host a book discussion group about The Puritan Chronicles Trilogy

Every morning I click on the The Greater Good’s many sites. One click a day (depending on which site you click on) helps refund research for Alzheimer’s or diabetes, for example. Or saves square footage of rain forest. Another site feeds shelter animals.

My proposal is, to whomever is interested in hosting a book discussion group on any of my Puritan Chronicles books, will get a free gift from The Greater Good. Their merchandise is wonderful! They have everything from clothing to car accessories. Every purchase from their store helps fund a great cause.

So here’s what prospective book group hosts/hostesses do:

  1. email a photo of your group holding up their copies of either book in the trilogy to puritanwitch@gmail.com
  2. Provide your name and mailing address (I’ll even extend this to those outside the US!). Tell me a little something about yourself ( Favorite color? Cat or dog lover? Coffee drinker? etc). If you have a preference of which site gets the benefit of your gift, please also mention that.
  3.  You’ll get a free gift for each book you host a discussion about. Just email me a separate photo of your group holding up their copies!

So I’m going to throw this offer out there and hopefully get some nibbles. If you’re in a book discussion group now and enjoy reading historical fiction and enjoy getting a free gift AND want to help a charity at no cost to you, this is your chance!





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