My terrible no good very bad day

summergiftI don’t mean this blog to be where I rant and whine, but the Fates were truly conspiring against us yesterday and I need to let off some steam.

Since my April 17th knee replacement, I’ve been suffering miserable low back pain, Finally last Tuesday my family doctor wrote me an Rx for an anti-inflammatory, which seemed to work. But I had also called the Ortohopedics’ spine dr, and my family dr said yes keep that appointment too and tell him I put you on the anti-inflammatory.

So yesterday morning I see this new spine dr, Dr. K. He X-rays my lower spine to discover arthritis has settled in my lower back, hence the pain. HE perscribes a DIFFERENT medication, tells me to stop taking the anti-inflammatory. OK. He also perscribes back exercises be added to my physical therapy sessions. As luck would have it, I have a PT session at 1, so after lunch we’ll swing back to the clinic and do that.

So we go home from that morning appointment to feed the cats and stuff before my 1pm appointment. Dave also wants to take back the walker we borrowed from Ruritan Club since I have my Rollator and like it better anyway (for some reason the surgeon insisted I get a walker and not use the Rollator, but, whatever).

Dave does not suffer from the neurotic fear of being later for things like I do. “We have plenty of time,” he’ll say, as I gnaw on my knuckles just knowing some delay will make us horrendously late.

ANYWAY, Ruritan Club is literally just down the road from us, so Dave and I set out. There is road construction. My stress level rises. Then there’s a damn train on the tracks sitting MOTIONLESS, when we are just 1/4 mile away from Ruritan Club! Dave is starting to get a little agitated so he turns around, takes another route, and drops the walker off.

By now it is past noon!

We finally reach Dave’s favorite Chinese restaurant, Supreme Buffet.  Our favorite waitress, Summer, knows I have had recent surgery and is one of the sweetest little gals you could ever meet. She surprised me with a hair clip and pin (photo above) which of course sends me into a fit of grateful weepiness, which apparently is the way I roll lately.

I am stressed that I will be late for my PT appointment, so I ask Summer to bring the check right away so we can leave quickly, which she does. We leave with about 15 minutes before my appointment.

Traffic is moving at a snail’s pace and 1pm is inching closer and closer. Finally Dave drops me off at the PT door and says, “I’ll be back, I’m almost out of gas.” So he goes to fill the tank while I go for my appointment.

Walk in and the receptionist says, oh you already saw a Dr today. Insurance won’t pay for a 2nd visit in the same day.


So I text Dave and say, just come get me and take me home.

While I wait for Dave to come get me, my PT guy comes out and says, I’m sorry Peni they never should have scheduled that appointment with Dr. K when they knew you had PT this afternoon. So he sees to it another therapist will see me today at noon. I am so disgusted and tired and frazzled I just break down and cry again.

I am so upset I tell Dave I don’t think I want to attend the Chocolate/Book Fair tomorrow, an event I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. But I do want to go and I will just have to tough out any backache.

If this is an example of what my future holds, I don’t know if I can handle it. I know people deal with much bigger issues and I am a whiny baby but geez it’s like EVERYTHING was conspiring against us yesterday except for sweet little Summer gifting me with the trinkets.






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