Friends = Tremendous Blessings

marymestacyThis one’s for you, M.L. Crum — Birthday Girl today! And to Stacy Einfalt, 2 incredible authors and who are also beautiful people I had the privilege of spending yesterday with.

Yesterday my 2 author friends and I attended the Mainstreet Martinsburg Chocolate/Book Fair. We got off to a confusing start, unable to find our venue. Even the police directing traffic didn’t seem to have a clue where we were supposed to go! I’m blaming my frazzled emotions on still recovering from the knee replacement surgery, and after some frustration I started weeping in Stacy’s car. She and Mary (the aforementioned M.L. Crum) were very supportive and encouraging. They did everything right, carrying my 2 bags of books for me (we got a good parking spot right in front of our venue once we found it!).  We each sold some books, met some nice people. It was a long and exhausting day for me especially, but I’m glad I went. I had been looking forward to that event for MONTHS and I was gonna go if I had to do it on crutches!

So now I am home, feeling better every day. Leg’s fine. Backache persists but isn’t as bad as it had been. I grew reflective this morning, thinking how I can get so fearful of the future and aging, and then am overwhelmed by the beauty and generosity of people like Mary and Stacy. I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve all the good people in my world–Mary and Stacy are but 2 fantastic people I’ve come to call friends, and I like to think these friendships are “Good Karma” rewards for something I’ve done in the past.

So a shout out to Birthday Girl Mary and our driver and children’s author extraordinaire, Stacy! Thank you for being my friends!  I love you gals!

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