The Timely Fortune Cookie


It’s been 2 weeks and 1 day since my knee replacement surgery. Knee is doing great. My back is the main physical complaint right now, but worse than that is my moods.

I’ve been told that after surgery your moods take a beating just as your body has, so that explains a lot. I am fidgety and weepy and in need of engaging with others all the time.  But, every day I do continue to feel better.

Today is the best day yet. I had a good physical therapy session, then of course we went to Supreme Buffet, because that place just makes Dave so happy! The above photo is of my fortune in my cookie, and I thought it was pretty timely because I haven’t been feeling like being creative, not even READING! But if I DO climb out of the muck of inertia and DO something, I feel much better.

So as I continue to recover and heal physically, I am more  mobile now and free to do whatever I like (“as long as you don’t fall,” the Dr. says!). So if nothing else I intend to start journaling again.

Here’s hoping May is a good month for all of you!

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