The Return of JOY!

bejoyfulWhat a difference a month makes! Last month at this time I was, in the words of Anne of Green Gables, in “the depths of despair.” Would it have helped if I had been warned I could suffer a bout of weepiness and depression after a major surgery? Or would the power of suggestion been enough to bring it on? Not to mention the whole hormonal situation.

But I am back and the Muses are at least whispering great little bits of description and dialog! Life is good and all is well. I’m preparing to be a guest featured author next week at Goodread’s American Historical Fiction Book Club and looking forward to that.  And tonight I have a supper date with dear friend and fellow author/blogger Kelly Z. Conrad!

Not surprisingly, the hypothesis for this 4th book is changing again. At this point I can’t even consider it an idea–not even an embryonic one! At the moment, I have this pool of great characters scrabbling for attention and a home in the world of print, and I just don’t know how best to situate them.

But they are wonderful characters (especially the 3 cats, the gray parrot and the German Shepherd) and I hope one day I can do them justice!

So yes, I am actively writing again, if you consider scribbling down fragments of ideas and journaling as active writing–and I do!

So for all intents and purposes, I declare myself back from my hiatus of recovery and depression.

I’m back, baby!

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