When Fate Smiles Upon You

keysPhoto courtesy of Donald Oestreicher  


Luck. Fate. Kismet. It’s when a vehicle pulls out of the perfect parking spot just as you approach. It’s when, out of nowhere, you run into the exact person you were just thinking of. It’s when, during a walk, you are within millimeters of receiving a gift from above courtesy of a feathered friend go splat right on your head.

You don’t have to literally win the state lottery to know luck when you see it. Some of us appear to be born under a lucky star. Everything “clicks” for them. Others have Charlie Brown’s luck. Why is that?

Much as I can be inclined to whine and complain about things, I realize I am far more blessed than probably most people in this world. In an attempt to keep myself informed, I try to stay abreast of world events and current news, most of which is so miserably depressing I reconsider the bliss of ignorance.

Millions of people are homeless, sick, lonely. Why? Why are their lives filled with misery and lack while others bathe in privilege and surplus?

I consider this daily as I count my own blessings. I feel we are all on our own personal journeys for a reason, and everything happens as it’s meant to. I do feel that whatever you send back comes out to you, so yes I do have a strong respect for karma, which leads me to conclude 2 options for my own happy existence;

  1. I am not spiritually strong enough to handle a tough life, so I have been given a smooth and easy road to walk.
  2. This current state of contentment is my karmic reward for having survived past difficulties.

Either way, I’m glad the Fates have been kind to me and mine.  And may they also smile at you in the future!





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