On the corner of apathy and inertia

caution dead end post safety

Apathy, unfortunately, has been my response to the inertia I’ve been experiencing lately. The weepiness that plagued me after my surgery in April has left, but I can’t seem to get creatively motivated. I barely feel like blogging.

It didn’t help that yesterday I was in the presence of someone, at best, I tolerate with stony civility. Let’s call her J. The irritation lingers even today, because to keep the peace, I remain silent and keep everything inside.  So darn it, even if the Muses did want to whisper in my ear, I’d probably just swat them away like a swarm of annoying gnats.

There is no developing a healthy relationship with the aforementioned person from yesterday; a 30-year-old precedence  has been set.  Fortunately we don’t have to be around each other often because, the fact is,  J is almost as interested in me as I am in her.

So, this is my writing for today while I wait for this agitation to subside.

Maybe THEN I can do some actual writing.


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