Back in the days before the prevalence of email, I was an avid letter-writer. Very often I would sit in front of the TV, pen in hand, and just as I was about to write a word, someone on television would speak it! And I don’t just mean adverbs, prepositions or pronouns found in every sentence; I mean 4- or 5-syllable words like “misunderstanding,” “deliberations,” or “evocative.”

Or, for a fleeting moment, a random thought of someone I hadn’t seen nor heard from in a long time pops into my mind, and then the next time I’m in the grocery store or doctor’s waiting room, there that person is.

Before Caller ID, many of us experienced intuitive moments when the phone rang and we’d know, without a doubt, who it was.

Does this sort of thing happen to you? And if it does, how often?

It occurred frequently enough for me to think surely there must be something to it. What are the odds of mere coincidences to happen that often?

This blog post was inspired by a recent bombardment of such spontaneous occurrences, and I would love to hear what experiences (if any) you have had. Please feel free to comment!

One thought on “Synchronicity

  1. Yes, Peni, this happened to me recently. I work with the public, and there are some people I see somewhat regularly (once a month, or so). There was one lady I hadn’t seen in a few months, and one day out of the blue she came to mind – my mind acknowledging that I hadn’t seen her in quite a while. The very next day she came in.


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