What to do when the Muses are quiet


Fine. If the Muses won’t talk to me, I’ll learn something new.

And I’ve decided to learn American Sign Language this year.

In March a distant cousin got in contact with me after she found me on a DNA match. She had been adopted and was looking for relatives, and so we were a match. Sadly she is losing her hearing, and we want to meet in early September. She doesn’t sign yet either so I thought it would be a worthy endeavor for us to learn together!

Back in college I took a Signing Exact English course and enjoyed it, but it seems ASL is used more often. So I have downloaded an app and have been watching YouTube videos. I have signed up for a free ASL class but it is only Tuesdays in August from 6pm-8pm, and I thought I’d give myself a head start.

It will be fun to learn together I think, and I am looking forward to it!

One thought on “What to do when the Muses are quiet

  1. How interesting! I’ve been giving it thought for years, though never got to it, for no particular reason.


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