The menagerie grows

So after MONTHS of silence, the Muses finally deign to help me out of this writing rut. And how do they resolve my latest block?

Add to the already-crowded menagerie that exists in our fictional town of Berryville.

We already have William the aging tabby, the calico Salome (mother to William’s 5 kittens), Kaiser the German shepherd K-9 officer, Mao, the bullying Maine Coon/ Siamese mix and Loqi, the obnoxious gray parrot.

So what’s one more animal?

Well, the plot required a nonhuman but relatively bipedal creature, and so I came up with a Capuchin monkey.

The as-yet-unnamed primate will play a pivotal role in the plot, in keeping with the light-hearted hilarity I am looking for in this novel. *happy smile*

photography of gray and black monkey
Photo by simon on

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