When one is not blessed with dimples, the gift of The Stewart Lines will do

The trait comes from my mother’s side of the family. She had them, as did her father. Some of my aunts and uncles had them. And now, apparently thanks to age, I have them too.

As a child, I loved that facial feature found along my maternal line. That feature–a series of vertical lines just below the apples of the cheekbones when they smiled–was something I found endearing. “A Stewart Trait,” Mom told me once. I always kind of hoped I’d develop them, which I fondly refer to as The Stewart Lines.

Well, lo and behold,  I had only to wait for the collagen in my cheeks to age a little and POOF! My wish was granted! They haven’t got the cuteness dimples have ( and I’m looking at a particular friend of mine when I say that *wink*), but I wear these lines with pride, happy to accept the Stewart Lines!

I discovered this trait in a rather odd way; I was sending text messages with a friend while Dave and I were in the car while my phone was charging. Somehow the video got turned on and a short video of Dave and I talking about the new furniture we were considering getting got sent. At first I thought my friend had sent it, but then I realized, wait a minute–that’s Dave and I talking! And the angle was such that I could only see my profile.  At one point in the video, I smile, displaying the Stewart Lines so much like my mom’s I caught my breath! So the only thing keeping me from developing that anomaly was youth?  Every month since this decade has begun for me, some new development crops up. Well, with this one, I won’t complain! These aren’t wrinkles–they’re character lines! And I will wear them with pride, remembering those who wore them before me.



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