Happy Autumn!


photo from Just a Smidge of This and That.

Happy Autumnal Equinox, everybody! The leaves haven’t started to change just yet that I’ve seen but there’s definitely a change in the air. Days will get noticeably cooler and shorter, and 2018 begins its wind-down.

The transitional seasons of Spring and Autumn have always appealed to me the most; Spring, with it’s newness and Autumn with its abundance of harvested goods. With the approach of Fall, I anticipate pumpkin-scented candles and brilliantly-colored leaves skittering across our lawn, ready be raked into mounds inviting the playful to jump in!

Admittedly I have taken a bit of a creative hiatus, but I’m hoping this will pass and Inspiration hits. I’ve spent most of time reading library books, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But I can’t just passively wait for the Muses to return. So I realize that, being how early morning is always my most creative and productive time, I am going to have to set up some ground rules for myself. This will mean a drastic change to my morning routine.

Well, first things first; I’ll still feed the cats (#1 priority if I’m to have ANY semblance of a peaceful morning) while my water heats for coffee. But here’s where I get distracted; FACEBOOK!

So instead of checking good ol’ FB out whilst sipping my French Roast, I am going to have to FORCE myself to actually work on plunking out a few words. So from say, 4:30-5:30 am at least (or whenever the girls decide to jump on the bed and start walking on us) I will, if nothing else, sit for 1 full hour–inspiration candle lit, creativity meditation strumming through my earbuds, “plotting cap” tiara slapped on my head–and if I can’t put forth on screen actual paragraphs of satisfactory fiction, I will brainstorm with pen in hand and scribble  down whatever scraps I can.

A few obstacles still rear their ugly heads for which I don’t know quite know how to maneuver around yet but I won’t let that completely derail me from getting back to my first true love–writing!




Frau Renner’s Theory of Creativity

A very dear quilter friend of mine has commented that she can’t understand how I just stopped quilting years ago. To this, I had no real answer. It just seems that with me, my creativity is flighty; I like to try new things.

I go through phases–I’ll crochet, then not pick up a crochet hook for years. Instead, I’ll cross-stitch. Or spin yarn. Or just go a book-reading binge. Or–hopefully–write, which I consider this blogging to be part of.

Lately, I have begun collecting scarves–mostly silk. I was in the midst of learning fun new ways to wear them (in an attempt to start dressing like a lady of my age) when my friend Susie started selling Paparazzi jewelry.

Now, I have tried my hand at selling things myself, with poor results. I don’t even push my books that much because I didn’t write them to make money but rather to fulfill my life’s dream of becoming a (mult-award-winning, but that’s a bonus!) historical fiction author.

Admittedly, I am not big on jewelry. I’m surprised my earlobe’s piercing haven’t closed up. I have more necklaces tangled in my jewelry box than I know what to do with. I despise bracelets–hate how they slide up and down my arms.

But I like to help a friend out.

So when Susie started selling the jewelry, I hadn’t planned on buying anything. But then it occurred to me; I could utilize the rings and bracelets with my hair and scarves! And so while the Muses remain quiet about my writing, teasing me with juicy morsels here and there, I have been having fun combining rings and bracelets with my scarves and hair!

And yes, I do consider that a form of creativity. Which leads me to my theory (which may not be the case for everyone. Some find their passion in 1 or 2 things and stick with those creative outlets). I am a Creative Grazer—ooo, I like that term! I am always creative, even when I am not writing (or crocheting, or spinning, or whatever). Thus, my Theory of Creativity is:

If inspiration to write is lacking, my creativity is still alive and well; it just spills into another outlet!

Surely I am not alone out there.

Are there any other Creative Grazers out there?