Life in These Modern Times

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I really try to avoid posting political views on this blog, but here on this cross-quarter day between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice ( aka Halloween, aka Samhain), I just gotta repeat something I have muttered aloud may times;

I just don’t even LIKE my own species much of the time.

All the hate, corruption, greed and divisiveness running rampant makes for a tiresome daily diet.  Makes me feel so hopeless for the nation and the planet in general.

Last weekend a peaceful Jewish congregation was viciously attacked in their own synogogue. That’s just the LATEST tragedy to befall the country.

Earlier this month I got to spend an all-too-brief weekend with family. I got to meet 4 beautiful babies for the first time–including a set of identical TRIPLET great-nephews of mine! There was also a pair of 2 year old twins along with the rest of my siblings’ grandchildren, and all I could think was, where do we go for from the purity and innocence of these children to what so many of us adults turn into?

As the world comes in on us, we grow discouraged and disenchanted. We get jaded. We learn to distrust and deceive and hate.

2018 has 2 more months to go, and as always, as one year draws to an end, I look to the new year with a little trepidation. What will be the headlines for 2019? How many school shootings, bomb threats, violent outbreaks will make the news, or will they just be passed over as “just another day in the good ol’ USA?”

I’ve resumed my morning meditation practice and it really helps my inner peace, but I feel so ineffectual in helping ease the sorrows and hurts of others.  So all I can do, with all my heart, is wish everyone a safe journey through the rest of this year and into the next. Be safe.



The Winnowing


It happened again–just like that.

Something fell and just went splat!

No warning, no heeding, no “Look out below!”

Another is dropping–here we go!

With a frequency some might find chilling,

They fall away, without my willing.

“Quality over Quantity,” is what I’m advised

And though I once found This One highly prized,

I released it freely, as was It’s request

While at the same time, wishing It the best.



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