First Cinderella, then Dorothy, now–


Facts about me:

  • I like glitter
  • I LOVE purple
  • I’ve always had a thing for magical shoes (think glass or ruby slippers)
  • I DON’T wear heels–comfort is of utmost importance!

Solution: Give a comfy pair of purple pawprint sloggers a light dusting of glitter!


The Blessing Book


As I begin this project on Thanksgiving Day, I chose to start with Appreciation, which is synonymous with Gratitude and Thankfulness.

I realized long ago there is no such thing as a “small blessing.” One’s faculties are often overlooked and not seen as the blessings that they are. A hole-less pair of socks–a mundane, everyday thing most of us take for granted–is a great blessing to someone who is homeless and may only own one pair of threadbare socks.

I have kept many journals and Gratitude Journals over the years, but this one will be different in that instead of merely daily listing “five things I’m grateful for” today, I will focus on these 6 Virtues of the Heart; Compassion, Humility, Courage/Valor, Understanding, Appreciation and Forgiveness.

This particular little journal, gifted to me by a friend who has since dropped my friendship, is perfect in this endeavor. This book is divided into 6 separately colored sections, and so will fit my purpose perfectly.

So I begin this journey today, full of Gratitude and Appreciation for all the blessings I’ve received and those yet to come.


Happy November!


It’s NaNoWriMo , everybody! And no, I have not been writing, other than blogging occasionally. But I may just try to participate in this starting today.

I really do owe it to these wonderful characters who continue to dwell unobtrusively in my imagination.  The fictional town of Berryville smack in the  heartland is populated with quirky and fun folks I just need to acquaint myself with so I can flesh out.

So excuse me while I light my candle, slap on my tiara and listen to my BrainWave apps–

I’ve got at least 1,667 words to write!