The Blessing Book


As I begin this project on Thanksgiving Day, I chose to start with Appreciation, which is synonymous with Gratitude and Thankfulness.

I realized long ago there is no such thing as a “small blessing.” One’s faculties are often overlooked and not seen as the blessings that they are. A hole-less pair of socks–a mundane, everyday thing most of us take for granted–is a great blessing to someone who is homeless and may only own one pair of threadbare socks.

I have kept many journals and Gratitude Journals over the years, but this one will be different in that instead of merely daily listing “five things I’m grateful for” today, I will focus on these 6 Virtues of the Heart; Compassion, Humility, Courage/Valor, Understanding, Appreciation and Forgiveness.

This particular little journal, gifted to me by a friend who has since dropped my friendship, is perfect in this endeavor. This book is divided into 6 separately colored sections, and so will fit my purpose perfectly.

So I begin this journey today, full of Gratitude and Appreciation for all the blessings I’ve received and those yet to come.


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