2018 in review

Happy December!  We are full-force into the dizzying holiday season, and despite the frenzy and craziness of this time of year, I have been joyously, almost serenely–happy!

Those dearest to me have been delivered safely through this year for which I am extremely grateful.  This year brought the addition of four beautiful great niblings to me, all of whom I had the joyful privilege of meeting (babies fascinate the heck out of me). Dave and I witnessed a niece’s graduation from the Marines Officer Candidate School in August. My meditation practice has taken off after a short lapse. Oh, and I got a brand new knee.

No, I haven’t done any writing this year, but that seems to be the way with me. My creativity is like a bumblebee. It’ll flit from flower to flower. Writing one day, crocheting another, trying something completely new the next.  But I have begun journaling again, and plan to keep that up through the New Year.

2018 was not without its disastrous headlines, replete with more than its share of  mass shootings and other miseries. Like every year, as 2019 looms ahead, I wonder what it will bring, and only hope that those I know and love will be blessed with a peaceful and productive year.



advent bake blur break
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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