The Sacredness of Spirals


There’s something magical about spirals. They appear in Nature all the time. Consider the snail’s shell, a sunflower, or water flowing down a drain in a tiny whirlpool. And don’t forget the swirling, destructive forces wielded by tornadoes and hurricanes!

Those who’ve studied Sacred Geometry may remember the Fibonacci spiral. Everything, from the Milky Way to our own DNA is a spiral! There was a theory that our own solar system, rather than being heliocentric, was a vortex. This article seems to debunk that “myth,” but it would seem logical, given the Universe’s propensity toward spirals.

My own Celtic ancestors, among other cultures, depicted the spiral in their artwork and jewelry.  Spirals were a symbol of the Great Mother and Her cyclic forces. Sacred geometry appears to have played a role in humanity’s past all over the world, alluding to ancient wisdom modern science seems to be rediscovering.

This morning I created the above stone/pink salt arrangement during a meditation, which inspired this post. I have always loved spirals myself (particularly triskelions ! they’re practically labyrinthine!) and the special role they play in the construction of our universe.





To mark the occasion of having surpassed 1,000 “Likes” on my Facebook Author Page, I thought I’d show my gratitude by hosting a Gratitude Raffle during my Birthday Month!

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Good luck to all and thank you again for your support!

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My Favorite Season


The Spring Equinox is soon upon us. The weather, as unpredictable as it can be nowadays, is warming. Days are lengthening. Tender buds are preparing to burst forth. The Moon enters Aries, heralding not only Springtime, but my own approaching 54th birthday!

Spring has always been my favorite season. Summer can be too hot and Winter can be too, well, winter-y. Springtime says to me new young things (kittens!–not to mention seedlings, the little green kittens of the plant world!). New beginnings. New  opportunities. New friends to make.

Always a fan of mythology, one of my favorite myths was that of Persephone, Demeter’s daughter forced to spend 1/2 the year in the Underworld. Spring signals her return from Hades, restoring life to the cold, barren earth. I’m hoping my own personal Muses, like Persephone, return to me, but when they do they may not inspire writing  but creativity expressed in other ways. And that’s ok. As I wrap up this 54th Solar Return, I feel myself growing and evolving. As my dear mother used to say, “The older the fiddle, the sweeter the music.” or how about; Like a fine wine, I improve with age. 

So Happy Ostara, everybody! Happy Equinox! Happy Spring!