Happy May!


Well, April had its ups and downs! Birthdays, road trips, a brief visit with family and another emotional dip from which I am, as always, rising above day by day. I go through these dark periods with some periodicity. They pass and I feel better after each painful bout. I like to consider them spiritual ‘growing pains’ brought on as icky stuff rises to the surface and has to be released.

And then just like that, I’m back to my sunny happy self!

When I do get this way, my first instinct is always to look outside myself for comfort and answers. I’ll scour my list of contacts, carefully selecting 2 or 3 in a day to talk to. I don’t necessarily need to cry and complain and whine. I just need the interaction with someone else; let them talk about what is going in THEIR lives; takes my mind off MY issues, and maybe I can make THEM feel better. 🙂

Walking and meditation (and, for that matter, walking meditation) really help too.  And I would really rather go through this without any chemical crutches (read; antidepressants). To be honest, I have no faith in Big Pharma and I wouldn’t doubt that there ARE cures for horrible diseases out there, but to make them available would be killing the cash cow, and why do that when people can live 30-40 years with a chronic condition (heart disease, diabetes, MS, etc), thanks so a myriad of pharmaceuticals?

Oh, and by the way, in addition to walking and meditation (and walking meditation!), journaling is  big help! That’s what got me through my teens and twenties. I guess blogging can be considered a 21st century incarnation of journaling, right?

\So let’s be happy and enjoy this cross-quarter day (Happy Beltane!) between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Sunny, bright days are ahead!



One thought on “Happy May!

  1. Hang in there, dear Friend..I’m having similar days as well. Love you and hugs! (Still debating getting my knees fixed).


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