Within the Chrysalis


Does the caterpillar know the intense mutations it must inevitably face before it becomes a butterfly? Does it even know that its destiny is to evolve into a delicate, winged creature awed and appreciated for its beauty?

I feel as though lately I myself am going through a (sometimes difficult) transformational state, and that got me thinking of the little caterpillar. Doing its thing, inching along, munching leaves when one day it chooses a spot from which to dangle, and then the transformation begins.

While inside the chrysalis, is it conscious while its wormlike body dissolves, or does it hibernate in some peaceful slumber, unaware of the changes its body is undergoing? Is it a painful process? Lonely? Or does the little worm somehow anticipate its beautiful transformation?

Unlike the caterpillar, whose transformation happens but once, mine seems to be almost a yearly thing. I always come out of it better than when I entered it, but it can be an extremely un-fun ride to endure.

This is the first scrap of writing I’ve done in a long while. I do count my blog entries as part of my creative writing outlet.

So to those who read this and may be wondering how I’m doing, I’m in a little rough patch right now, churning and changing in my chrysalis, but when I emerge, I’ll be fine!


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