Manifesting something good!


Melody Fletcher is the author of Deliberate Receiving Finally the Universe Makes Some Freakin’ Sense! and an incredible life coach who, once a week or so, chooses a random person to whom she gifts one hour of free coaching. I learned this from watching her YouTube videos.  Now, I was under the impression you have to be a member of her group to be chosen,  but given my recent anxious state, I thought, oh what the heck I’ll fill out an application for a free call.


She is funny and compassionate and direct. She reminded me that I have already manifested all the good things in my life, so why do I think I will manifest bad things in the future? Like her book mentions, don’t fearfully focus on, “what if this horrible thing happens?” Instead, focus positively on, “what if this wonderfully terrific thing happens?” Do that long enough and often enough and you will raise your own frequency, which will bring into your life things that match that higher frequency! I KNEW this stuff already but somehow needed to manifest this incredible reminder, and by golly, I am feeling SO much better! 

Manifesting a perfect job after using Melody’s methods worked for a dear friend of mine just a few weeks ago.  My friend had been unemployed for several weeks and kept applying until she finally manifested this perfect job for herself. In my recent dark state, that was one bright spot for me. I was truly happy for her and started reading Deliberate Receiving for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Then I saw the free coaching offer mentioned on her videos and I thought, oh what the heck why not?

Don’tcha love when the Fates smile on you and something like this happens?

Bless Melody Fletcher and the good work she does! If you haven’t already read her book, I urge you to do so.


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