Meet Author and Anti-bullying Advocate Stacy Einfalt!

Stacy Einfalt is another local author I met at a book-signing event years ago. She writes and illustrates a growing series of picture books for children which emphasizes the importance of being inclusive and accepting.

Name: Stacy Einfalt


1. How long have you been writing? 

I’ve been writing for about eight years now.

2. Your series of picture books deals primarily with bullying. Why did you choose bullying for your platform? 

I chose to focus on the issue of bullying in my stories because I seen what it was like for my older brother growing up being bullied and the effects that it had on his self esteem and confidence.

3. When you’re not writing how do you spend your time? 

I’m a competitive bodybuilder. I enjoy working out. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, our dog Holtz, and our sweet, but not always well behaved, crew of cats!

4. Do you have a preferred method of promoting your books and sharing your anti-bullying message? 

I enjoy visiting schools and reading my stories to children. I also enjoy participating in book signing events.

5. Can we expect more picture books from you in the future? 

Absolutely! I’m currently working on the illustrations for my sixth book that I’m hoping to release by late summer, early fall!


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