The Butterfly Emerges

I’m back, and I knew I would be! After months of enduring anxiety and depression, waiting for new meds to take hold, I am back to my happy old self. I might even start working on Book #4 before the summer’s over!


Recently I felt the urge to meet some new people and make a handful of new friends, so I joined a Meetup group for local ladies who walk, talk, have lunch together and participate in other activities. I also joined  the Red Hat Society, and contacted a local chapter that meets in a nearby town. Lastly, I got in touch with a meditation group.

Why all this exploration? Because, as much as I love staying home with Dave and having it be just us and the cats, I do love meeting new people and making new friends. Over 20 years ago, I was a member of Newcomers Unlimited for over a year, and I had the most fun going to luncheons and outings! But then we bought the house and I had to get a fulltime job and I abandoned my socialite life.

Now I’m older, more financially secure, and once again have time on my hands. Not being the social creature I am, Dave is happy to stay home and doesn’t crave the social activity I do.

And being exposed to new and interesting people just might spark my WRITING! One of the Red Hatters, for example, may just exude enough whit and personality that I am inspired to conjure a character into being!

So, like the butterfly, I have emerged from my confining chrysalis after a painful metamorphosis. But unlike that delicate creature who undergoes such drastic change only once, it’s my lot in life to go through such transformation multiple times.  The good news is, after each alteration, I am left stronger, wiser and happier than I was before!


animal beautiful biology bloom
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