Why am I posting a photo of my graying hairline and wrinkle-ridden forehead?

Why am I posting a photo of my graying hairline and wrinkle-ridden forehead?

Because changes in our appearance, especially as we age, cannot be avoided. And no amount of cosmetics, hair colorant or liposuction is going to change the fact that we are older than we were before today.

This blog post is inspired by my last trip to the grocery store. I don’t normally check out all the moisturizers and other age-defying products they have, but thought I’d take a gander the other day.  Day cream. Night cream. Eye cream. Hydro-plenishing firming gels. Such a confusing plethora of products promising to erase wrinkles and battle “the appearance of aging.”

But I have always felt that a wrinkle, mole, scar or other anomaly adds character.

The faces of mannequins have no wrinkles, and thus, to me, no personality.

Wrinkles show you’ve smiled and laughed, frowned and cried. Scars show you’ve faced a challenge and come away healed and whole. A well-placed mole can be appealing. And a sprinkling of freckles across one’s nose is charming.

And dermal anomalies aren’t the only ones to consider. We come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities and abilities.  Diversity is what makes the world interesting.

But one thing we all have in common–aging.

I think I’m not in a rush to erase my wrinkles and cover my gray because that wasn’t the example set for me by my dear mother. She and the aunts and uncles (and other older folks I knew growing up) exuded so much character in their beautifully honest faces, marred with lines and age spots.

Seems I’ve grown more pensive after entering my 50’s, and as I age even more, I hope I maintain this resilience and continue to see the beauty of aging naturally.


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