Meet Tricia Michael–another artist extraordinaire and friend of mine!


I can write, but drawing or painting is beyond me. So when I see someone gifted with this great talent, I am awestruck by their artwork.

Tricia Michael does beautifully whimsical art. I love the pure, joyful colors and the sweet faces on the characters she brings to life. Personally, I would love to see her illustrate children’s books or create her own comic strip or something like that.

Below is a brief interview she was kind enough to complete for me:

Name: Tricia A. Michael
Website: @trishjesse on Instagram
Short bio:  I’m 47 and live in a small town in Ohio. I have several health issues that I struggle with and creating art helps me deal with them.
1. How long have you been creating your art?I started creating art about 12 years ago as a way to deal with extreme anxiety. Playing with paints and other supplies really helped me to feel better, so I started a blog and started posting all of my work. I found that the online art community was full of friendly and supportive artists, and that’s just what I needed! 
2. What is your favorite medium? I LOVE watercolors! I find that playing with all that juicy goodness really helps soothe my anxiety. If I could only choose one medium it would definitely be watercolor! 
3. Where do you get your inspiration? I hoard art books and love to look through them to get inspiration. I also like to browse the art on Instagram and I have a favorite facebook art group(Sketchbook Revival)that is FULL of great artists. It’s a really supportive group and just being a part of it helps fuel my urge to create. 
4. Where can one purchase your artwork? Redbubble.  I do post most of my work on Instagram and my user name there is trishjesse. 

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