The Resurgence of My Life as a Socialite


I’d heard about THEM for years, with their “Ladies over 50” age constraints. Their propensity to have fun and be silly. Wear purple (my FAVORITE color) with outrageously flamboyant red hats. Did I mention being silly was encouraged?

So last month, well into my 54th year, I finally joined THEM. I bought a red derby hat with purple flowers second-hand from a friend and last night I ventured out into my first foray as a Red Hatter.


In typical Peni style, I of course arrived at the venue ( a pizzeria) half an hour (or so) early. With my Red Hat tucked in my purple bag, did I stand out enough? Did my frilly purple scarf and light-purple blouse convey enough “Hattitude?” Maybe I should put the hat on so the other Hatters don’t overlook me….

But one by one they filtered in, and it was another lady’s first time also, so I didn’t feel so shy. We totaled 9, counting one lady’s 19-year-old granddaughter. Over pizza, cheese fries and other goodies, we talked and laughed and I grew comfortable with these ladies. They appeared welcoming and friendly, and I felt that joining THEM might just provide the social fulfillment I’ve been looking for!

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