Sure I’ll Go!

Sure I’ll go! I replied with a smile

I’ll match you all mile for mile!

Remembering how, in my youth,

I walked every day–thats’ the truth!

I once walked 6 miles each morn

On flat prairie land not buckled nor torn

by steep inclines and boulders amuck

So, sure! I’ll go on this nature walk!

Wearing comfy sneakers with good tread

and sunhat placed squarely on my head

I set forth with this group of gals

Into the woods I followed my pals

The incline was subtle as we trekked uphill

I marched in damp heat up until

My heart complained and cried, “No More!

Go any further and you’re done for!”

Alarmed, I turned back and returned downhill

Disappointed, I felt a bit unwell.

There was a time I could outpace anyone.

What happened to me? This used to be fun!

Age and weight are taking their toll

Lean young thing is no longer my role.

So enjoy your hikes, dear friends I’ve made!

While I relax with a book in the shade!




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