A Word On Diversity


Yesterday morning I had the happy privilege of joining a group of Nichiren Buddhists for one of their monthly discussions. I had  been to a smaller gathering before, and experienced a group chanting Daimoku , but to hear it chanted by a larger group was amazing. The experience evoked a happy peace that resonated within.

I’m still the spiritual eclectic you’ve come to know and love, and I wouldn’t consider myself a Buddhist (although I do own 2 sets of Buddhist beads and other paraphernalia– all gifted to me, and I do appreciate their principles), I’m enjoying learning about Soka Gakkai International,  the organization these nice folks belong to.

Besides the sense of joyous camaraderie and arms-wide-open welcome I felt, I was pleasantly struck by the beautiful diversity of the group–we were like a mini United Nations!

Having grown up in a rather homologous environment, I can honestly remember the first time I saw someone of another ethnicity (the black and white, 2-dimensional ‘people’ on TV didn’t count).  I was probably in first or second grade, and a dark-skinned gentleman gave a lecture on some subject I no longer remember. As he gestured, he revealed palms that were several shades lighter than the rest of his skin, and I marveled at that.

Yesterday’s energizing experience was made all the more special because of the wide array of ethnicities present, and I look forward to attending more meetings and getting to know this lovely rainbow of humanity.


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