Meet YA Author Michelle Reynoso!

Name: Michelle Reynoso
1. Congratulations on the release of your latest novel. The Light of the Dying. Tell me about this new release.
Thank you! The Light of the Dying is the next installment in The Girl, the Pendant and the Portal series, book 2 and the sequel to EN. Readers have been very adamant about getting this follow-up ASAP; emailing me, and reaching out on social media, pushing for this second book. So I had to up-my-pace and write this one fast. I released it a year and a half after EN was published. Not bad considering EN took me 15 years to write!  That’s a whole other story.
Here’s a quick synopsis on The Light of the Dying:

A deadly past. An unruly power. Two worlds colliding.

Thirteen days ago, a deadly house fire killed two local teens. Faith McDaniels was there. When more dead bodies start showing up after the fire, the news reports a serial killer on the loose, but Faith knows this is far bigger than a mere serial killer. She fears “He” has returned.

Now it is up to Faith and her energy-bending powers to stop Him before more people die. But as the chaos grows, so does the unpredictability of Faith’s power. Can she get it under control in time to stop this from escalating into the annihilation of the human race?

2. To date, how many books have you gotten published?

This is the third. EN was published in 2018 and I was lucky to get recognized as a finalist in both The New York Book Festival and the International Book Awards.  My first published book was Do You? back in 2003, but that is currently out of print.

3.  Are your books also available on ebook and/or audiobook?

EN is available as a paperback or ebook. The Light of the Dying is available as a paperback at this moment, with the ebook slotted to release at the end of August and a hardover Library edition soon after.

4.  How do you keep your creativity flowing?

It depends on the day, but what helps is coffee, a set writing schedule, and changing my writing location. Sometimes putting the writing project aside also helps during extreme slumps, but it is not always easy to know when to push through and when to take a break.

5.  Besides writing YA fiction, how do you spend your time?

I balance my writing with a full time Contracts Management job. I also do a lot of reading, and usually have at least two books going at one time, sometimes three. I enjoy cooking and spending time with my husband and son, extended family, a cat named Olaf and a tank full of fish.





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