Meet My Cover Photographer, Andre’ Veilleux!

I owe The Puritan Chronicles’ beautiful cover photography to a very talented gentleman from Quebec: Andre’ Veilleux. He responded to my questions in French, so I have translated them here:

1. How long have you been a professional photographer?

Passionate about photography since adolescence, I develop my talent through travel, nature, portraits and photographic experiences of all kinds. However, since 2012 I have been taking professional contracts.
2. Do you have favorite subjects (nature, people, buildings, etc.)?

I particularly like the photo that requires a concept and a certain staging. I also like the portrait and the travel photo.

3. When you do not take pictures, how do you spend your time?

Apart from photography, I have been a professional singer for over 30 years. I practice jogging, kayaking, cycling, tennis and training in the weight room. Let’s say that I am most active.

4. Where is your artwork available for purchase?

I make contracts on request of customers so I give them the rights of diffusion on the photos. I have not done any personal exposure yet … maybe it will come someday. It’s about finding a catchy theme and having confidence in its value.

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