Meet Metaphysical Entrepreneur Margie Florimbio!


I truly admire those who manifest their dreams into incredible reality. One of these remarkably dynamic go-getters is my amazing friend, Margie Florimbio.  Read on to learn about the Proprietress of Love&Light333!

1. What is Love&Light333 and how did it come into being? 

L&L 333 is a Meet Up Metaphysical group. We meet a few times a month. We offer a wide variety of metaphysical classes, workshops, events, and energy healings. I have worked in a metaphysical store for many years now; I also do readings and teach classes at other stores in the DC metro area. I started this meet up group in the panhandle of WV, because we did not have one. I was driving out to Frederick MD for one a few years ago. I found it so helpful and enlightening to be around like minded individuals. It started as just a meet up and just talk about metaphysical subjects, but it organically evolved into more instruction/ classes. We were meeting in a coffee shop, but we outgrew the space, and they put time limits on space usage (Grateful for the community space, but we needed more time, bigger space). So I converted my basement into the space the group needed, my healing room/ meeting space/ classroom.

2. You operate a New Age store in your own basement. What are the greatest rewards/ challenges of running a business in your own home? I actually do not like to refer to it as a store. I like to focus on it more as a learning annex/ healing space that offers some of the tools you may need on your spiritual path at a reasonable price. So, for example, if we are teaching a “How to Smudge Your Home” class, we will have the items you need, such as sage, herbs, abalone shells, etc. for a very reasonable price. What are the greatest rewards/ challenges of running a business in your own home? Well, the rewards are working with and teaching what I am passionate about (All things Metaphysical) If you love what you do, it is not work…The challenges are the whole family/work balance and setting those boundaries. I am a wife and a mother too, so I need to have family time and space as well .

3. What classes/services does Love&Light333 provide? I am not the only teacher here; I cannot take all the credit. I have been blessed with an amazing tribe of wise people that help teach classes, sharing their time, love, and knowledge as well. We offer class in all things metaphysical such as Meditation, Chakra info, Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, Tarot, Inner Healing Work, Past Life Regression, etc. I also offer energy healing in form of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Energy Breath work, Sound Healing, and we offer certification classes in Reiki.

4. What’s your best advice for anyone considering starting their own home-based business? Make sure it is your passion, if you like what you do, it is not work, and keep the family work balance in check, and when in doubt, laugh it out! Remember to have fun with it, find joy in it, because if you are not enjoying it, why do it???

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