That satisfying level of busy-ness

It doesn’t take much to get me frazzled. The need to accomplish  A  before B while at the same time balancing when to do C without neglecting D really feeds my anxiety disorder. Especially when it came to working outside the home and I was on someone else’s schedule!

So this makes this stage of life especially sweet. I keep to a pretty basic routine that keeps me happily busy.  I exercise my creativity  by blogging ( I especially LOVE the series of interviews I’m doing! Maybe my journalistic muscles aren’t as atrophied as I thought?).  I keep my yarn supply up so there’s always plenty with which to crochet. I have an active social life and am especially fond of breakfast dates with the network of friends I’ve come to know over the years. And if nothing else, I’m NEVER without a good book to read; if I AM without adequate  reading material, I’m miserable!

I have learned that inertia is the enemy. When I get in an emotional rut and just don’t feel like getting over the hump of procrastination, I spiral downward. Knowing this was why I decided, after a recent episode of anxiety and depression, I was going to jumpstart my activities. Even during “down time” usually spent in front of the TV, I need to be crocheting or spinning yarn or at least folding a load of laundry.

However, just because I’ve found my happy level doesn’t mean Anxiety wouldn’t rear it’s ugly head if I ventured out into the workforce again ( I’d rather remove my own spleen with a rusty knife).  Knowing how easily my fragile state of inner peace can be, I’m especially grateful to be as blessed as I am that I’m in such a secure situation.

I appreciate every one of my readers and if you do frequently find yourself frazzled during your day, I hope you discover tools to bring yourself to a more contented level. My hat’s off to those who work 40+ hours/week and maintain their sanity–they’re made of sturdier than I.


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2 thoughts on “That satisfying level of busy-ness

  1. Great blog today! I forwarded it to my friend so she could “get to know you”. I too am very fond of our breakfast/coffee dates! Especially since you introduced me to Panera’s decaf😀

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