The Hitchhiker

Last month on a perfectly lovely summer day, we clambered into Dave’s pickup and headed out to lunch.  I’m not the most observant person you’ll  meet, so it was no surprise when I didn’t discover a large spider clinging to a strand of webbing on the passenger side mirror.

I don’t particularly care for spiders, but I was intrigued by the poor arachnid’s plight. Eventually as Dave drove, the webbing tore away, and our little stowaway was flung against the face of the passenger side mirror. There, with all her might, she clung to her strand of webbing.

brown barn spider in closeup photography
Photo by Egor Kamelev on

When the speed got to be too much for her, she balled herself up into a tight brown bundle, all 8 legs gripping the delicate white strand. When Dave slowed or stopped at a light, she unfurled her appendages and inched her way across the face of the mirror.

I watched with interest, even tried to take a photo but the lighting and angle wasn’t good, so I just continued to observe until the spider managed at last to creep to safety and disappear into the crevice between the mirror and its frame.

Don’t know if she ever crawled out and found a more stable, less mobile place from which to weave her web, but I kinda hope so. Nonetheless, it was quite a little drama to watch on our way to lunch!

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