Meet Narrator Angelina Will!

Those of you who enjoyed  the audio version of Puritan Witch: The Redemption of Rebecca Eames may have wondered who the narrator, Angelina Will, is. Well, Ms. Will was gracious enough to respond to a few questions I tossed her way. Get to know Angelina in the interview below;

  1. How did you get involved with narrating audiobooks?

I had been a Voiceover for a bit recording different genres, except audiobooks, and thought a voice acting outlet resonated with my creative side so opened an ACX profile and Ta-da!

  1. What other voice work do you do? – Some additional VO realms I record for are commercials, telephony, narration, eLearning and Academia.
  2. Do you have a preference for what sort of books you narrate? I don’t believe I have a preferred audiobook genre of voicing, because each provide a different exciting challenge. I’ve recorded multi character non-fiction AND fiction, inspirational/motivational, academia and beyond. However, I do often feel my voice compliments the inspirational genre well as it has a steady smiley tone:)
  3. When you’re not doing voice work, how do you spend your time? Most of my additional non voice over related time is spent globetrotting and trying to get into fly by the seat adventures. I’ve been slowwwlllyy working on authoring a book myself; mostly about my travel mishaps;-) Though it’s sort of on the DL. angelina

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